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Why We need to add Cyber Security In our Education System

white devil

New Member
i read so many blogs and sites after that i choose some points which is good ;)

Data breaches are a result of human errors that can be avoided by providing basic security training regimen for students and staff. You can also introduce cybersecurity training to mitigate risks.
Training can be given on how to differentiate between safe and unsafe sites while browsing, educating them about cybersecurity and its types, identifying suspicious behavior and motivate all to use antiviruses and malware.

  1. Data theft – All institutions hold student and staff data, including sensitive details like names and addresses. This type of information can be valuable to cyber criminals who could potentially exploit the information to a third party. And if students know about cyber security then he can secure herself and also tell others how to be safe how to choose good and secure passwords and also mitigate any attack on system.
he also know
How to identify safe and unsafe sites
Spotting phishing attempts or other scams
Using antiviruses, malware or another frontline defence

2. It is apparent that today no sector is immune from the threat of a cyberattack and this sadly includes schools and universities. The voluminous data these institutions hold as well as the increasing number of connected devices makes this sector a vulnerable domain for cyber-hacking.

3 . Lack of skilled workforce: At present, the world is staring at a massive skill shortage in the cybersecurity industry. Moreover, the constant integration of embryonic technologies (including cloud computing, IoT, and so on) in wide-ranging processes is gradually leaving the conventional cybersecurity skills redundant.

This is because of the increased threat surface due to such technologies. According to IBM, the current requirement of cybersecurity professionals is pegged at 3 million, whereas, the cybersecurity workforce is less than 0.1 million in India. And this is still the tip of the iceberg.

4. Lucrative career opportunities: According to the 2011 Census, our youth (aged between 15 and 24 years) comprised one-fifth of India's total population. They are projected to become one-third of the national population by 2020. Further, the age group of 20-24 years - which constitutes 40% of India's labour force - currently has an unemployment rate of 32 percent.
Cybersecurity offers a promising avenue for them to create a magnificent career for themselves. Understanding this, young professionals are also looking towards the sector in a good light. The job portal Indeed has reported a 150% spike in search of cybersecurity roles from January 2017 to March 2018.
Regardless of the reasons for the increase in demand, the pressing problem is a shortage of people trained and capable enough to fill the growing number of cybersecurity roles. NASSCOM has further indicated that despite India having the largest IT talent pool, there is a clear lack of skilled cybersecurity professionals over here.

5. Majority of people don't know about cyber security :- Now a days all students and other ppl use internet but they don't know where they need to post there picture which app is good for them. we directly download any app without check anything who knows after our usage that app also sending you data to hackers so if we include cybersecurity in our education system every student know how to be safe from hackers and how to secure herself and his family members.

6. Bank calling fraud increased in India :- This is a well known fraud you also know about this but after that people scammed with this method because he doesn't have knowledge of cybersecurity i am not talking about our grand parents i am talking about our brothers and sister who can learn cybersecurity easily but they don't know where to start how to start.

even our banks are also not safe you also heared news about SBI and other banks Credit debit cards and bank accounts leaks

7. Our PM Support Digital India so we all starting using online banking and paying bill online we now wana do everything on internet hasle free but on internet without cybersecurity knowledge no one is safe.

i will try too add more reasons if you have something too add in this list then please add fast :)