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Course The Beginner Malware Analysis Course


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What is it all about?

Whether you are at the start of your journey into Malware Analysis, or perhaps you are looking to refine your skills in different areas, this course will be beneficial for you. With beginners in mind, the course is comprised of several modules, each focusing on a different aspect of Malware Analysis - this ranges from learning x86 Assembly and analyzing Visual Basic macros, to extracting configurations and learning about encryption algorithms

What's included?
13 videos
1 file
1 text file

Modules inside:

Setting Up a Safe Environment
The Many Variants of Malware + Terminology
Analysing The First Sample: A .NET Info-Stealer
The Basics of x86 Assembly
Learning How to Use IDA Pro Free
Learning How to Use x32/x64Dbg
Looking at Common API Used in Malware
Analysing an Advanced Sample: PandaBanker
Analysing "Plaintext" Malware - Malicious Word Documents
Analysing Command and Control Communications + InetSim
Common Algorithms in Malware
Unpacking Malware - Tips and Tricks to get the Payload faster
Link to the Presentations on Google Drive
Downloading the Samples


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