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HackTools 0.1.2 - The all-in-one Red Team browser extension


Staff member

HackTools is a web extension facilitating your web application penetration tests, it includes cheat sheets as well as all the tools used during a test such as XSS payloads, Reverses shells, and much more.

Current functions:

Dynamic Reverse Shell generator (PHP, Bash, Ruby, Python, Perl, Netcat)
Shell Spawning (TTY Shell Spawning)
XSS Payloads
Basic SQLi payloads
Local file inclusion payloads (LFI)
Base64 Encoder / Decoder
Hash Generator (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512)
Useful Linux commands (Port Forwarding, SUID)

HackTools 0.1.2 for Chromium

New features :

Obfuscated PHP webshell payloads
UI Menu is set to icon similar to the firefox version

Installation Steps :
Extract hacktools_build_chromium.zip (you will obtain a folder named 'dist')
In your chromium based web-browser upload the folder as an unpacked Extension.
Enjoy !

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