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Get Multiple Free Windows RDP Up to 8 GB of ram


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Get Multiple Free Windows RDP Up to 8 GB of ram CC require

1- Go to https://www.vultr.com/promo/try50/ (Non-ref link)

2- You'll be asked to enter your E-mail address & password, enter them

3- You should be redirected to this page, please enter your REAL credit card, prepaid or virtual are not accepted. (I tried don't waste your time)
- If you don't have credit card, you can verify using PayPal but it will require a deposit of 10$

Don't forget to check box "I just want to link my credit card" so they don't charge you!

4- After verification, you should have your 50$ credit successfully, please click on "Products" at the left

5- Then click on the "ISOs" tab,

then "Add ISO"
6- In the remote URL box, enter this link: https://cloud.allsyn...nwbE7R/download and hit upload

(It's a Windows 10 Pro ISO that is compatible with Vultr)
7- Once your ISO is online, click on "Instances" tab

8- Then click on the (plus blue circle icon) to add a new instance

9- Keep the server type to "Cloud Compute" or change it if you like.

10- In the "server location" section, select the nearest location to prevent lags.

11- Now the most important step, In the "server type" section, click on "Upload ISO" then Windows10Virtio will appear, select it.

12- Then choose the plan, you could choose the 5$ per month [1 GB ram] and make 10 RDP's that will last you a month! insane right?
or you could choose higher specs like [8 GB of ram] which is 40$ a Month, and make another RDP with [2 GB of ram] for 10$/Month, that's 50$ in total.

13- OK Now type anything in the "Server Hostname & Labelcreate" then click "Deploy Now" you should wait until the status saying Running, it's better to wait up to 10 minutes after it says running so the ISO can load properly, then you should click on it.

14- Now click on "View Console" (Monitor looking icon)

15- Windows 10 Installation should begin, please install it like you would on your own PC, if you don't know how to install Windows 10, you can search on YouTube pretty easy.

16- Once Windows is installed, you will notice that the internet is not working, it's ok, you need to install the driver which is inside our ISO

17- Go to device manager in your RDP, then right click on the network driver, select "Update Driver"

18- This should appear, choose the
second option
19- File location should be D:\virtio and check the Include subfolders box
20- Hit next and it will install, network should be fine now, repeat the same steps for other drivers

21- Finally, allow remote access by going to the search in your windows RDP, and search for "Allow remote access to your computer"

22- Put these settings as shown in the picture, and hit "Apply" then
Now you should be able to access your RDP using remote desktop by your Vultr Instance IP.


Credit :- xDarkMatter​