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First timer.


New Member
I apologize in advance for this stupid question. I've been working the IT field for 20 + years , and only now have I decided to try a few tricks. One question I have is; if a member has 0 Points, does this reflect the individuals post on his/her's ability on the particular post? Meaning should I follow what they have to say , or will I just fail on my first try?

Thanks for the guidance. And thanks for the opportunity to belong to this group. I have a wealth of Linux experience I can share if need be. I would like to try some posts here that have peeked my interest for quite sometime, but have never had it in me to do it, until recently an online casino denied me 15K of winnings for suspicion of card counting. Which is still under investigation. ARGGGGGGGGGGG time to get that back!!!!!!! Any help would be appreciated!!!!!!