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Black money


New Member
Offering black  cleaning service and supplies I have unlimited supply of S. S.S.D cleaning agent/activator only one sell by gallon best on the market u clean 5 million in one day we'll I can I have something most don't which is cleaning machine see video my pice is 40/60 I keep 60% u get it 40 % of money  value nothing to small nothing to big do transfers PayPal, venmo,cash app,bank I do not ecept escrow been scammed with escrow but u do half payments half up front rest when u receive transfer
Transfers start at 200 for 1000 other transfer just mutiply times 2 only do 3 transfer per account I am veried and legit no need to scam I make 15k a week just off empire market on darknet and I have proofs transfers are instant upon receipt of payment if u rip me I will hack your life I am not a noob I am profesionally trained
My skills are superb so my time will not be wasted if interested telegram me @Mrbiggs34 have acct info and be ready to make payment only accept btc.