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Beginner Questions - advice needed


New Member
Hey guys,

well, where should i start?

About 6 months ago i started to browse through the darknet. Just used the TOR Browser with VPN. Had no idea where to find some stuff to make money of it. I got scammed a lot of times, because i only found things which were actually too good to be true. Bought some US CCs on some markets and not even knew, what are the best methods to cash them out. So i killed three CCs in a row. So i just uninstalled everything and never came back to it.

A few weeks ago, prepared myself a little better. Installed Tails on a USB Stick, created PGP keys and found out how to make sure that i am on a "real" market and not on a phishing site.

Also learned that there is nothing like physical CC, where i can just go to the ATM and cash them out. As far as i understood there is no way to buy BTC directly with an CC.

Well i registred myself on the Empire Market and searched for a legit vendor. This Vendor was selling a NON VBV card with an SOCKS5. So i booted up Tails, went to the "unsecure browser" and configured SOCKS5 over "about:config" field. Dont even know, if that was the right way to do it.

The location of the SOCKS5 IP was about 50 miles away from the card holder address and i started trying things out. Went to sites like mmoga.com and started to get some gift cards. Created an Mail, filled out everything like it should and even, if the card was sold as an NON VBV in the last step i received the Visa Verification Window which is telling me that the transaction was not successful. Doesnt even matter if the amount were 20$ or 200$. So i suppose every time if get the Visa Verification Window, the card is dead. Right? I also saw in a few post here, that buying gift cards is that profitable anymore and the security limitations are very high.

I also bought some carding guides from Empire, but i mean they are all the same. Just outdated stuff from 2015. Where things were easier. So nothing usefull from them.So i thought, before i buy more CCs i wanted to ask you guys for some advice. Just want to get better at this.

So my questions are:

1) What am i doing wrong?
2) Is the provided SOCKS5 from the vendor not that good? Should i get some "premium" SOCKS5 IPs somewhere else?
3) What kind of other methods are there? Or what would be the best at this time? A lot of you are saying that the are "better" methods than carding gift cards.
4) Should i not use the "unsecure browser" of Tails for it?
5) Are there some methods how to cash out the cards safely? A lot of stuff is US only and not everything is working in my region (EU). I would prefer to do everything online without sending physical stuff to my place.

Thank you for reading this. Maybe there is someone outside, who could give me some good tipps or some mentoring. Even pointing into the right direction would be very helpful. I mean all of us started small.

Thank you.

white devil

New Member
Ok.. I'm impressed with the post. Great detail explaining your problem, nice writing, engaging style. Nice formatting and polite as well. I will provide an answer in the same manner in return then my friend. Please find below.

1. It's hard to tell what you're doing wrong when there's a lot of factors there you're not telling us about your setup. How are you connecting to the socks? From a VPN? Your home internet? Your mom's basement dial-up modem? (jkjk friendo)

I don't use Tails so I have no idea what this "unsecured browser" is but I don't like the sound of it. Check your useragent on whoer and if it's not the same as you get if you were running regular updated chrome on your home pc then that's not good. Find out how to spoof it in that browser or just use chrome, you're running tails anyway so I figure you're really super anonymous with it or something. If Tails works on Linux and doesn't have chrome or something (I'm not really that experienced with Linux, will try when I get a laptop) just use equivalent of that.

Make sure to check which resolution you are displaying (display common resolution), browser lang = local, system time = local (i fucked up on the time so many times), is your DNS leaking or pointing to the location of a known hideout of Somalian hacker-pirates, or worse yet a VPN?!

Gift cards have some of the most secure anti-fraud systems you can imagine. If you have a non-vbv card using it on a vbv secured site you're going to have a very hard time and a whole lot of luck as well. A lot of legit transactions end up getting denied this way as well. The fraud protection is at times way too strict. It depends on the bin of your card heavily as well.

2. Usually the things that are really premium don't have "PREMIUM" in their names.. Just sayin' Check the quality of all socks on things like whoer / ipqualityscore (my favourite) / maxmind. There are other blacklist checks as well etc etc. You can google for that really easy. Try to get as clean as possible. For the things you're trying you MUST have COMPLETELY clean, residential addresses

3. The number of methods is only limited to the size of your imagination. And I mean that quite literally. Learn about payment processing through e-bay, paypal, etsy, fiverr, whatever new modern stuff the kids are up to these days? I hear you can send money over snapchat these days which is insane. Think of a method of your own and try it. That's how this works. You have money on the cc and need to get it into a bank drop. There's no way to actually get BTC or gift cards nowadays if you're new. Honestly. Not putting you down, it's just how it is. You need a shitton of quality expensive gear that you get from going around the block with a few vendors.

4. See question 1. Personally I say yes. At some point you need to choose between anonymity and looking like someone else. And someone using the card to buy the things above probably wouldn't look like he's trying to hide his identity. It's all about being able to become the person on the card rather than hide who you are. I know it sounds like motivational prep bullshit but I mean all of this in a quite literal sense in relation to which browser you use, cookie setup, lifespan of cookies, whether your tracking is disabled with addons in chrome or not. So yeah.

5. Yes there are. Much harder, more expensive and time consuming. But if you find this sort of work fun then it really is quite a bit of fun. Just takes a while to turn a profit as you have to setup multiple strong bank drops of your own.

I hope this at least gets you started in a good direction, and keep us updated with your progress. I'm sure we would all be happy to have you as an active member here.

Good luck.


New Member
Hey Ganymedes,

thank you for your answer. I really appreciate that you liked my post. So lets start to answer to your points.

1. How am i connecting to socks?
I just booted up Tails from my USB Stick and then started the "unsecure Browser" - its actually nothing special, just an Firefox Browser which is pretty limited in settings. So i had to use the command "about:config" to configure the SOCKS5 Settings. After the configuration i just went to an random site to check, if i have the wanted location and IP Address. So next time i will defintly follow your tipps with "WHOER". You are right. Tails is made to be super anonymous, so i think it is only good to buy stuff and not for carding by itself. Also thank you for the tipps regarding resolution, browser language etc.

I have one question on my side regarding the NON VBV Cards. What the positive thing on them? I really thought that my life will be easier with them and i will not get any verification windows and so on. But as far as i understood you they are only helpful, if i am trying to card an NON VBV site, correct? So i dont really get the point why they are more expensive like "normal" cards. But i got you that i should go on and dont waste my time on gift cards

2. Thank you for the tipp regarding socks. In the past i was getting my non vbv cards from visa which came together with socks. Will check the quality of socks later and if they are bad i will go through the threads here or on dread and will try to find a "good" socks. I think i can remember that i saw a site which had an 500$ registration fee.

Is it true that the location of the socks can be max. 40 miles away from the card holders location? I saw that on many posts.

3. Can you explain me more about the bank drops. I actually really got some good things which would work, but i need to know more about it. I mean i just can directly send the money to my "official" account. Maybe you can hit me up with an PM with some good vendors for CC oder Bank Drops? Currently im only buying stuff on Empire. Also found a guy who has a positive review and is offering a US Bank Drop for 35$. But it would make no sense for me to get this until i dont know how to use it. All the stuff like needed precautions for that and etc. Or how would the transfer look like. Deposit the money to the bank drop and after that to me or try to buy BTC with the deposited money on the bank drop.

4. You already answered this in my first question

5. Ok, got you. Just as i wrote above i need to known more about those bank drops.

Really buddy, thank you very much for that high quality answer. I will keep you guys updated and maybe this thread will help other beginners.

PS. Already bought an second CC and now just need to get more information about bank drops. So i suppose that an update will follow by the end of this week.


New Member
Well I was spending a lot of time in the last months to learn as much as I can about carding. There were a lot of guides and tutorials and I really tried to study everything. Wanted to make sure that my whole setup in the background is perfect.

My goal is to make carding for physical stuff, as I have a drop address in one EU country.

Before is started I had two CC’s:

BIN - 474843 - the Card comes from exact the same EU country like where I want to send my physical goods. Vendor said that this card has no Address Verification System on it, so I can use any address I want to.

BIN - 414734 - NON VBV US Card

I got them both from empire. The vendors (slipperypete and bluer)should not be bad, as far as I can remember Trust Level above 6 and a lot of good reputations.

My setup:

Burner laptop with an encrypted Windows OS and a MAC Address Changer —> VPN —> RDP with SOCKS5 (premsocks)

Of course everything was created with fake personal data.

On the RDP itself I had installed “CCleaner”, “Proxifier” and “Anti-detect 7.3”.

Don’t want to go too much into basic stuff detail, but yeah I’ve connected to an SOCKS5 in the near of the Card Holder and of course followed all the steps

Then made sure with a lot of different sites like whoer.net, ip-score.com etc. that everything is good with my setup. So I had 100% anonymity, nothing was blacklisted, I was good to go.

1st attempt BIN 474843:

Went to an simple site which is not that popular, but is selling electronic goods. Picked some random stuff for 450€ and wanted to pay. As you remember I don’t have any address of the card holder so I just put his name into required fields and took an fake address of this country. For the shipping address I took my drop address,then all the CC info and boom there you go I got forwarded to an bank confirmation page, because of VBV.

2nd attempt BIN 414734:
I took an different shop which was also selling electronic goods. Of course made sure that the connection is clean before. Also here i don´t wanted to go above 400$. Well the only difference here was, that this was an US NON VBV Card and the shop was from EU. So maybe that leaded me to the VBV Bank Page at the end.

So what have I done wrong? I mean I am pretty near to my goal and in my opinion I have some shitty BINs.

My questions:

1.Are my CCs/BINs bad? If yes, which one will I need or do you have an good vendor/source for it?

2.Is something wrong with my setup?

3. Could you explain me, if the CCs with the BINs mentioned above are bad, why are the people selling them?What do you want to do with them, if they are not working anywhere? I mean there must be a reason why NON-VBV CCs are more expensive.

4. If I have an NON-VBV CC, does it mean that this CC will never work in a shop which is protected by VBV?And if you turn this around, will an CC which is protected by VBV not work on sites which have no security precautions.

I would really appreciate that, if could help me out. I know that the whole topic is about trial and error, but it would be nice, if I could finally see some results. I spent almost 200$ for CCs.

Update #1: Bought Proxies from 911.re and purchased a CC on jtash. Still the same results...

Update#2: Already made the same post on dread and a lot of people were saying that Anti-Detect and FraudFox is not needed and those tools are outdated. An normal RDP will be more then enough. Can somebody confirm that?

Thank you.