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How to make 5$ GUARANTEED without EFFORT
  [Image: hype.gif] Hello, and today i will show you an EASY WAY (with proof) to make some easy cash (5$ or MORE)!  [Image: hype.gif] 

First of all after this guide you will make some easy cash (easy in my opinion, afk). But you need to read until the end and follow the steps correctly to take the money!


Step 1: Go to: [hide] [/hide] and download the software.


Step 2: Install and run the software.


Important: Now you need to disable the antivirus. Why? This is a miner, a legit one (not some shitty scam), and yes,  you will mine with your computer, but is not a lame miner and you will make fast 5$, (not in  3 days, like a regular miner).



Step 3: Make an account, or you can login with twitch as well


Step 4 (The crucial one): Ok so after you've made the account, and accept the terms, you will se a page that will ask you for a REFERRAL code. So what is the catch here? If you put a referral code in there, after you start the software in 12 hours you will get automatically 5$, you just need to keep the software opened for 12 hours (open and minning, you need to continue minning to get the referral), no matter how mutch do you get per/day, you will get 5$! (You can instant redeem that 5$ without any restrictions)


If you don't want to use the referral code, you can mine alone as well, but you don't get 5$ after 12 hours, you will get just the amount that you mined.




What are the advantages? 

1. First of all, you get 5$ super fast, without any effort. 

2. If you mine alone, on a simple pool, the payout is big, in this software the minimal payout is 1$

3. Is easy to mine. Just hit start and mine.


What are the disadvantages?

1. You can't get paypal money. You can just get amazon gift cards, steam giftcards, discord nitro, and a lot of other things, but not money on paypal or bank account. They said that you will can soon get paypal money too, so that will be better in future. But still, money is money.

2. As any miner, you will get like from 0.4$ to 1.5$ per day, depending on your sistem.



After 12 hours of minning, and got the 5$:


Amazon account:


[Image: pepolove.png] I hope that you find this usefull, and happy spending! Please leave a vote on this if you like it! [Image: pepolove.png] 

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How to make 5$ GUARANTEED without EFFORT00